The Foundation Of A Hockey Player


Simple hockey wins games. 

I fully believe that statement. 

The game has been around a long time, and while it keeps evolving, a few things hold true. 

The first point is that the best teams, and best players, do the simple things really well. 

As hockey players and coaches most of us are always looking for that new little tweak to our game that will give us the advantage and take us over the top. 

While I agree with that to a point, I don't think that is what makes teams and players successful. 

Like I said above, the game keeps evolving. That's a great thing and it's definitely important to continue to grow with the game, however, if we take a step back and think about hockey at it's core, what is it?

Skating, stickhandling, passing, shooting, and some sort of hockey sense. 

Systems and methodology can continue to evolve and change, but those core skills continue to be vital to the success of hockey players and teams. 

The point that I'm trying to make is to remind you that it's not always about finding the new drill or idea that will make you successful. 

Often times, it's the repetition and dedication to become as efficient as possible at the simple skills of the game that makes the biggest difference. 

We can all get better at our skating. 

We can all get better at our stickhandling. 

We can all get better at our passing. 

We can all get better at our shooting.

And we can all get better at becoming a student of the game and understanding the nuances to the game.

So instead of always looking for something new and different, stay dedicated to being the best you can be at the fundamentals. 

The great players, and teams, are the ones that have the constant drive and commitment to grind through the monotonous training because they know the long term gain will be worth it. 

Shoot extra pucks, work on your stickhandling, and take an interest in improving your skating. 

In my experience, these little areas are actually the ones that will make the biggest difference and give you the biggest advantage. 

Don't chase the new fad, trust in building your foundation.