A Quick Update About All Things Boost Hockey

A Quick Update About All Things Boost Hockey

I wanted to include a quick post that was updating everyone on the progress of Boost Hockey. If you've been following along over the past month then you know that big changes are coming. 

The good news is we are still on track with everything. The website redesign is awesome and I can't wait for you all to see it. I think it will be more functional and user friendly. 

We'll also be launching a bunch of new shirts and a few other surprise products. I think this will obviously give people more options and more ways to support the Hockey For A Cause movement. 

The last thing I want to remind everyone about is a big sale that will be running starting next week (the first sale we've ever offered). Keep a look out for more details in the next few days. 

Remember, we are still running a month long campaign to support Men's Health and Movember. You can support our cause by picking up one of these awesome shirts: GROW YOUR MUZZY

Also, I challenged myself to 100 miles of activity for the month of November and so far at the half way point I am on track. I have currently logged 51.98 miles. 

Oh and I know that I said I would not be growing a mustache for November, but having a one and a half year old and a brand new baby at home doesn't leave a lot of time for extra maintenance like shaving... so yes, the picture at the top of this post is a picture of my one week old greasy mustache...

My wife is definitely not a fan...

But if you're doing something to support Movember, or growing an awesome mustache, please share it on our facebook page.

Until Monday...

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