Boost Hockey: The Three Month Update

Boost Hockey: The Three Month Update

Now that we are three months in, it's time for another update on where we are at with Boost Hockey.

So far, we have been able to raise a little over $2,000 for different causes. To me, this is awesome. Would I have hoped to raise more in the first three months? Sure, who wouldn't want to raise more money, but $2,000 is still a great start.

I've kept the same perspective the entire time, in that it's still more money supporting each cause then they had before the campaign started.

I've also went into this venture with the knowledge that I'm in this for the long haul and didn't expect things to completely blow up overnight. So for me as long as I'm still enjoying the process and the 'grind' then I'm on the right path.

Now to the real nitty gritty...

Have we made money yet (as a business)? The simple answer is no.

But we're not losing money either. We've pretty much broken even so far for the first three months. We have made money on a couple campaigns and lost money on a couple campaigns. We've also reinvested some money back into the company to help with some advertising and carrying some inventory.

As I wrote in a few earlier posts, I was looking for some marketing help (specifically with Facebook Ads). I ended up working with a company for a month to try and see if this could turn into an area of the business that was outsourced. Long story short, I was not seeing nearly the results I desired and decided to cut my losses and will be tackling this avenue in the future (I have run Facebook Ads before and have some familiarity).

I have also decided to carry a few select shirts that are for sale all the time. These shirts are stocked and usually ship out within 24-48 hours of being ordered. This was a huge deal to me because thus far the biggest complaint has been the length of time to receive a shirt after an order is placed.

I agree with you all that the length of time to get a shirt needs to get better. The biggest thing holding us back right now is that we are a new company and our order sizes are inconsistent. I feel like once we find our groove and have a better idea of how many shirts we will sell for each campaign we will be able to plan better and improve the turn around time.

So I understand the frustration but just know that I am working on it, and it will continue to get better.

It's crazy to think how fast time goes sometimes, and this venture is no different.

While I'm not satisfied with where we are today, I'm optimistic that we are on the right path and making strides everyday to get a little bit better.

I keep reminding myself of the 1% better principle. Where if I compare yesterday to today, I don't see a huge amount of growth. But over the course of three months, if I look at where we were on July 10th to where we are now, we're making progress and getting there.

Moral of the story...stick to the grind and keep getting better everyday.


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