Excuses are like...

Excuses are like...

First off, let me apologize for the none existent behind the scenes blog posts during the past 6 weeks. While I have been updating you guys on the campaigns, I haven't been updating you with what is going on with me and my life and the business. And that's unacceptable...

Now, some people would possibly want to give me a hall pass for this. Needless to say, I have been a little busy. With running Boost Hockey and creating new campaigns, moving and setting up a new house, coaching a team that is on the ice 5 to 6 days a week, working another full time job, spending time with my wife and one and a half year old daughter...and oh getting ready to add another baby to our family. (At the time of writing, my wife is 37 plus weeks pregnant with our son.) 

 But to me it's all just an excuse, and not a good one. Plain and simple, I owe you guys more and I committed to delivering you all more value.

I learned from a very young age (thanks to my dad) that "excuses are like assholes, they all stink". I can remember my dad (who, by the way, is the king of interesting phrases) using that pretty much anytime I tried to make an excuse for things when I was growing up. It's something that used to annoy me every time he would bring it up, but now, being older I understand the message he was trying to get across. 

To him, and really both my parents, it came down to accountability. It's probably one of the things I am most thankful for from my parents. They always made me honor my commitments and be accountable for the things I wanted to do. 

Today, this is something that I still try to live up to everyday. So that's why I apologize for the inconsistency of the past 6 weeks. 

I also want to make a promise to all of you who have supported me and this journey that I am going to commit to updating this blog at least twice a week going forward, on Monday's and Thursday's. (I wanted to publish this out to the world as another form of accountability.)

I'll not only be giving you the inside look at Boost Hockey and the inner workings of launching a t-shirt brand, but also the other inner workings of Boost Hockey.

For those of you who are new, or maybe forgot about a few of the first blog posts, Boost Hockey has been a part of my life through coaching and camps for the past 7 years. So there will definitely be some stuff about that. But, I'll also be throwing in a few things about me and my life and the way I think about things, and lastly about my passion for coaching and hockey in general.

As I have said before, Boost Hockey is about the journey for me and not the quick instant gratification that so many of us are constantly searching for. I know that it is going to be a grind and that some days will be tougher than others. But I also know that as long as I continue to love the process then the end results will eventually show up.

So what's the point of this post?

Own up to your shortcomings, be able to admit to yourself that you can be better, create a way to make yourself accountable, and at the end of the day...don't get outworked and always find a way to get the job done. 

See you all Thursday...



  • Heidi Schoepflin

    You write so well Matt! And of course I know all the crazy sayings that your dad says to you … its a Schoepflin thing because Charlie uses them too all the time! Such a great message…I really enjoy reading it all and the Boost hockey campaigns.! Keep pushing Matt!

  • Diane

    Wow. You are super busy! God bless y’all with the new baby and all of your family!

    Love the idea of this company ❤️

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