I Need Your Feedback

I Need Your Feedback

While I have really enjoyed getting into this blog and the consistency of posting every Monday and Thursday, I want to make sure that I am touching on issues that you all feel are relevant and interesting. 

Being involved in the game as a player, and now as a head coach for the past seven years, has definitely given me an interesting perspective on hockey. 

I've touched on it a bit in a few posts over the past few months, but I think there are some glaring issues facing players today that don't get focused on as much as they should. 

Things like building confidence, learning to be consistent, being a great teammate, creating a pregame routine that has your ready to play your best everyday, setting goals, developing a process, being accountable, learning to deal with success and failure... 

Well, I guess that's more than a few items but I think that gets the message across of what I'm talking about. 

My question is, do you think that the above mentioned items are areas that you as a player (or parents reading this, your son/daughter) could improve on?

I would really love some feedback on this.

I've been throwing around ideas about how to help combat these areas in players but want to get some honest feedback first. 

Like I said, I think this is an incredibly underdeveloped area in so many players games, yet is an area that could help so many players reach their full potential. 

Please take a couple minutes and post a comment on this post or send me an email directly at matt@boosthckey.com

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting this conversation started. 

Until Thursday...