I Need Your Feedback...

I Need Your Feedback...

Back when I originally launched this new branch of Boost Hockey in July of 2017, I had one mission in mind, to impact the hockey world in a positive way.

Originally, the plan was, and still is, to create campaigns for different causes and sell t-shirts to help raise money for each cause. 15% of every sale was going to each select campaign. This is still going on and we have been able to raise a few thousand dollars already through these sales. The response has been awesome and humbling. We now have a full store where you can buy shirts that support a cause 24/7. You can check it out here.

However, as in a lot of businesses and life, unexpected things happen along the way. Things that you don't expect to take off, in fact, turn into the things that gain traction and start to take off the most. That's the case for this blog.

This blog started as an after thought and only on the suggestion from my wife. But, it has quickly started to grow week after week. And I continue to get more and more feedback after each post. (Which for the record is awesome, so please keep the comments and questions coming into my email). As an example, one of our blog posts ranked in the Top 10% for number of visits and reads out of all the blogs posted on the Shopify platform during the same time frame (for reference, they have over 500,000 active websites...). Not bad for something that I wasn't even sure anyone would even read.

Like I said above, the feedback and emails I get every week are awesome. They're also very motivating that my mission of impacting the hockey world in a positive way is still relevant and on the right path.

There have been a lot of trends that I have started to notice...the biggest being the desire for more premium and in depth content. This is obviously something that I'm extremely interested in, but I want to get some feedback from all of you to see if there is really a burning desire for it and if you think it's something that you would actually use for yourself, or to help your son/daughter or team.


I am looking for feedback on potentially launching a monthly membership site that would offer premium, in depth, weekly videos/blogs/recordings on subjects like consistency, confidence, accountability, mental toughness and overcoming obstacles relating to hockey. The site would be geared towards parents and coaches (they could then take things they pick and use them for their kids or players) but there would also be options that players could use for themselves if they were interested. With it being a monthly membership, there would be a huge emphasis put on accountability and consistency (these seem to be huge areas of interest).

The initial idea would come in three different tiers (pricing would be subject to change):

Basic - $29.00/month (less than $1/day)

  • Access to weekly video/recording (and all other previously released weekly videos)
  • Access to corresponding worksheets/information


Premium - $79.00/month (less than a cup of coffee, $2.63/day)

  • Access to weekly video/recording/content (and all other previously released weekly videos)
  • Access to corresponding worksheets/information
  • Direct email access to me for questions/help
  • Accountability tracking through a bi-weekly check in email with me
  • 2 monthly Q/A sessions, plus access to all previous recorded Q/A sessions
  • Private FB Group that is monitored and updated by me daily


Elite - $199.00/month

  • Limited to small number of players/parents/coaches
  • Minimum of a 4 month commitment
  • Everything in a Premium account
  • Bi-weekly 30 minute phone conversations to work through issues and track progress

This is something that I have spent some time looking into but is still in the initial phases. I really want feedback from you before I would ever offer a program like this. Please feel free to tell me things that you would like to see in the membership, or if you would have no interest in the membership program at all.


Please take this brief (2-3 minute) survey to give me some feedback. As an added bonus, I am going to select a random person from all the survey entries and give them a prize pack filled with a couple Boost Hockey shirts. I'll announce the winner on Friday 1/26.


Like I've said in a lot of my past blog posts, I feel like this is a huge area of hockey that needs more attention. I think nearly every player has struggled with all of these issues from time to time and could benefit from something like this. With that, I know that this won't be for everyone so please be honest on the survey.

I will be sure to update everyone with the results of the survey over the coming weeks. Thanks again for your continued support and for being a part of the hockey for a cause movement.

And as always, any questions, comments, or ideas are always welcome.

Until Monday...

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