Love The Process

Love The Process

I feel like sometimes we all need to hear a different voice. 

I posted a few months back about a video that I watch every so often when I need an extra dose of motivation. You can see it here.

That post turned out to be pretty popular with you guys so I came across another video again that has an awesome message about trusting the process and seizing the opportunity. Since I talk about these subjects a lot, I thought this would be very fitting. 

We all have days where we feel unmotivated or start to question why we're doing the things we are.

Hockey, and life, are truly about trusting the process and making sure you're ready to seize that next opportunity. 

Learn to love the process and embrace the grind!

Remember, like I talked about a few weeks ago, success isn't ultimately about the end game, it's the journey where we grow and learn the most. 

Trust the process and keep grinding for the things you want. 

Until Monday...