Our First 30 Days In

Our First 30 Days In

We just wrapped up our first month of business and I wanted to include a blog post that acted not only as a recap, but also as a way to review the roller coaster journey that starting this company has been.

The ebb and flow of business is very relatable to hockey. As hockey players, or teams, we've all went through great patches where we feel like we're on top of the world and every bounce is going our way. We've also probably experienced the opposite of that where nothing seems to go right and the simplest things seem like such a battle. Boost Hockey has been a bit like that, as expected, through the first month. 

Luckily, I've learned through hockey and my past business experiences that keeping an even keel and not allowing myself to get to high or to low is always the best course of action. I've also learned that when all else fails, keep grinding and moving forward. The only time anything truly fails is if you quit. Personally, I think that's why most people fail at the things they think they want. I think that most people don't know how to overcome the adversity and work through those difficult times. In my mind, truly successful people aren't usually much smarter than the next person, they just know how to not give up on what they want and grind through the hard days.

I knew this would be the course for Boost Hockey. I knew nothing was going to be easy and that it was going to take a tremendous amount of work to keep the dream moving forward. 

I'm happy to say that I'm as motivated as ever and keeping the perspective of getting a little bit better everyday. It's a simple idea but something I have incorporated into my coaching and my own personal life. With Boost, and my life in general, I want to get 1% better everyday. If you're reading this and I have coached you in the last three years or so then you've heard this all before. 

1% better from one day to the next may not seem like a lot but over the course of a year it can lead to a 37% improvement. I'm not a big math person, but if someone offered you to be get 37% better at your job, hobby, or business wouldn't you take it? Of course you would, that is a tremendous improvement. 

This has been my mindset with Boost Hockey. To understand that I won't get where I ultimately want to be overnight, but if I stick with it and keep working towards changing the hockey world, eventually it will come.

In the first month, we had a lot of amazing things happen. From raising over $1800 for Tony Salazar and his health battles, to being featured in the Denver Post, and connecting with a lot of hockey people who were behind and supporting the Hockey For A Cause movement. 

I also knew that the time necessary to run this company would be a big undertaking. And it has been. From the emails, designing the products, generating future campaigns and causes, customer service, marketing...the list literally goes on and on. But to be honest, I have enjoyed every minute of it. 

I've also realized that in order for Boost Hockey to reach its full potential, I will need more help moving forward. I have recently started working with a group to help with the marketing and I think that will be a huge help to building a brand and following that impacts the hockey world. 

Going into this whole project I knew that there was going to be a learning curve and things would need to pivot along the way. I think that most successful companies do this until they find their groove. So I have been looking at this as a positive sign. 

Besides the time factor, the biggest area that I am focusing on improving is the turn around time for delivering shirts. The first campaign took to long to deliver shirts. I know this and own up to it. But I do want you to know that I am working to figure out a better solution that allows us to have a quicker turn around with products and get you your shirts sooner while still maintaining the premium quality. My ultimate goal is to have a campaign end on Monday at midnight and have all the shirts shipped and delivered by Friday or Saturday. While we aren't there yet, I just want you to know that this is what we're working for.

The first month has been a grind and a battle. It has challenged my time and energy but I have loved every second of it. I said that when I started this company I wanted to be able to go to bed at night and look myself in the mirror and know that my intentions are good and I'm impacting the hockey world for the better. I still feel that is true and know that Boost Hockey is on the right path.

Thank you all for the continued support and thanks for helping spread the Hockey For A Cause movement.  

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  • John Amato

    Congratulations on a successful start and thanks for the update Matt. The shirt I ordered did take a while to arrive, but it’s really great in terms of quality and fit! Best piece of your post….1% improvement per day……just think if we all applied that principle to ALL areas of our life!! I look forward to the next update.

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