Our November Wrap Up

Our November Wrap Up

Is it crazy to anyone else that it's already December 4th?

This year has flown by and I hope that you all end 2017 on a high note.

I wanted to write a quick update on all that went on in November, or should I say Movember?

I told everyone that I made a personal fitness challenge for the month of 100 active miles. I barely made it, but none the less, mission accomplished. I finished the month at 101.38 miles...

While that was a success, we did fall short of my goal of donating $500 to the Movember Foundation. We raised $200 for the cause and I made that donation this morning.

Because I think this is a great cause, and I love the shirt, I'm going to leave the shirt up for sale and every time a shirt sells I'll make a donation until we reach the $500 goal.

The other big happenings of November include the launch of an updated website and our first big sale that took place over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We also gave away a shirt (or are trying to). The shirt has still not been claimed so make sure you check your email.

This blog has also been growing month by month. More and more people are finding the blog and reading it which has been an unexpected part of starting this branch of Boost Hockey, but has been an awesome part of this process. So thank you for reading and as always I love to hear from you all.

My final thoughts for the month are to truly enjoy the day and try to find the best in every situation. Keep going after the things you want and doing the things that make you happy.

Until Thursday...