Prayers For Humboldt

Prayers For Humboldt

I've literally been thinking about what to say since Friday night. 

I was up looking through social media before I went to bed, and that's when I saw the story. 

The unimaginable and unthinkable happened: the tragic bus crash carrying the Humboldt Broncos hockey team in which 15 of the 28 on board lost their lives. 

I'm still in shock about what happened. 

I don't personally know anyone from that town or that played on that team. But, that still doesn't make the news any less devastating.

I was going back and forth on writing about this tragedy. Deep down, I know that I needed to address it, but finding the words to say have been really hard to come by. And the reality is, no words can change the devastation felt by the players, families, and hockey community.

I think about all the time I spent on the bus myself as a player. For 5 straight years I spent a lot of time on buses going on road trips for games. At Culver, unless we were flying back East, we were on a bus. The same thing in college... almost all of our trips were by bus. 

I think for me it really made me think back to all those times. That's where so many memories are made in a hockey career and, in a way, I feel like a rite of passage in the hockey world. It's devastating to think that such a 'safe' place could turn so tragic. 

It also hit home for me because a lot of the players on that bus are the same age as the kids I coach now. And then also learning about their head coach, Darcy Haugan, who lost his life in the crash and left behind a wife and two kids. It's all completely heartbreaking.

I know I talk a lot on this blog about making the most of every opportunity and keeping things in perspective. 

As cliche as it may sound, I hope that we can all take a second to step back and remember how lucky we all are and how thankful we should be for everyday that we get. And to truly remember what is really important in life.

Everyday is an opportunity.

It's an opportunity to make an impact and go after the things that you want, but also an opportunity to be a good person and make sure that the people that matter most to you in life know how much they mean to you. 

So while there are no words that I can say that will make any of this better, I just felt the need to express my deepest sympathies to the players, family, and community. 

The hockey community is special, and frankly, unlike any other. I know that there has been a GoFundMe page that has been set up to help the families so if you would like to donate you can use the link above. 


Until Thursday...