Preparing For The Big Day

Preparing For The Big Day

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It’s funny how so much of life can be compared back to hockey for me.

If you’ve been following along with this blog then you know that my wife is due any time now with our son. At the time of writing this she is past her due date and she’ll be induced in a few days.

Now you might be wondering how thinking about that and hockey would have anything in common. But to me they do.

With the anticipation building, it reminds me of the feelings I would get before a big game. Whether that was playing or coaching.

It’s that sense of running through everything in your head beforehand to make sure you’re as prepared as possible. Now obviously having another baby is a bit different since my wife is the one doing all the real work, but I want to make sure that I have everything ready to support her and be there for what she needs. And also make sure that everything is ready and ok with our daughter for when we have to go.

When I played, it was always visualizing the game and trying to see myself making great plays and helping the team win. With coaching, it’s always playing through scenarios and trying to make sure that I put the right players in positions to be successful.

All these scenarios are relatable because of the preparation that goes into it. It’s making your mind feel at ease and confident because you know you’re prepared.

How do you get prepared to play? Is that something you think you could be better with? Is that something you’d like to learn more about?

Over the next few weeks, I plan to write more about these topics...confidence, preparation, how to show up in big moments...things like that. 

Feel free to reply to this post directly or send me an email with the answers. I really do enjoy all your feedback.

Now for some updates and a chance to win a FREE shirt...

I have gotten some good feedback about our latest campaign and my personal challenge for the month of November. 

For anyone interested, you can read about all the details here. 

And as promised, I told you guys I would keep you up to date on my goal of 100 miles of activity for the far I am on track with 17.95 miles completed. A huge thank you to my wife for the help on all this...we have definitely enjoyed some LONG walks while trying to get this baby to come out... 

Again, all the funds from our most kick ass shirt yet, will go to support the Movember foundation. 

The shirts come in three different colors and for those of you who have asked me about the inspiration behind the slogan "Grow Your Muzzy" here it is. It comes from a close hockey buddy of mine, who every November had to "grow a nice greasy muzzy for the boys." Thanks for the inspiration DH!

Also, make sure that you are following us on Facebook and Instagram. I am having a contest over the next few days to guess the name of our son. Pretty simple...if you guess it right you'll get a FREE shirt. So check out Facebook for more details.

Until Thursday...

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