Setting Goals For Summer

Setting Goals For Summer

With summer quickly approaching, what are your goals for the summer?

Or, maybe a better question to start with should be, do you set goals for yourself during the summer?

This is another one of those subjects that I learned a lot more about towards the end of my playing career. 

When I was younger I used to just be happy that I didn't have to go to school everyday. And, when I skated in the summer there wasn't always a purpose behind it except for the fact that I loved playing hockey. And while I think that is incredibly important- playing the game and loving it, I also realized that setting a few goals for myself in the summer made my skates even better. 

It's like most things that I talk about on this blog, when you know what your purpose is, it makes you more confident and driven because you know what you're actually working for instead of just being there without direction. 

Confidence is built through creating success. It doesn't have to be huge monumental things either. In fact, the simple process of showing up to the rink with a plan of what you want to work on and get better at for that particular day is building your confidence. It's the act of having a plan and then following through with it that helps make your confidence grow. 

Once I figured this out I felt like it was a complete game changer for me personally. I left the rink feeling accomplished knowing that I just put myself closer to where I wanted to be. 

Having goals also helps you stay more driven and on task. If you show up to the rink to skate without an idea of what you want to work on, usually it ends up being a skate where you just kind of "float" around and don't really work on anything particular. 

When there's a plan in place, the most important step, taking action becomes even easier. 

Goals can be such a valuable tool if you really know how to use them. When set up correctly they can help accelerate your growth all while keeping you motivated and building your confidence. 

I would love to hear some feedback on whether you set goals for yourself in summer or not. If so, do you follow through with them? If not, would you like to start?

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Until next week...