The 40% Rule

The 40% Rule

How many of you have ever used the excuse that you're tired?

I know this is the internet, but everyone should have their hand up, myself included.

Being tired is a bad excuse. It's taking the easy way out.

I started talking to my team and the players I work with one on one about this principle about a year ago. It's called the 40% rule.

A couple years ago there was a book that came out called Living With A Seal. 

Here is a brief, but thorough, explanation of the book and the message behind it (this video is better than any summary I could write's only 4 minutes long)

While I'm not trying to compare playing hockey to being a Navy Seal, the message is dead on.

So often in hockey we find ourselves saying that we're too tired.

When in reality it's not that we're physically too tired, but rather, we don't want to push through that pain and mental barrier to get where we should be.

I remember when I first read an article about this book and principle and thought a lot about my own self. I remember feeling a bit embarrassed to think that I have used the excuse of being tired before when in reality I hadn't even tapped into half of my capability.

Talk about a reality check and wake up call.

This all ties back to a recent post about building a foundation. Ultimately, everything goes back to your work ethic and how bad you want something. How far your drive is willing to take you...

If you take anything away from this post it's that I hope you realize that YOU are capable of so much more. Don't let your own doubt, or laziness, limit how far you go.

If you want something, be willing to go through hell and back to make it happen, because remember, "if it doesn't suck, then we don't do it." Embrace the suck and push through those mental barriers to be your best self.

I'm hoping you guys all crush the day.

Until Thursday...


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