The Review: Campaign 2

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The Review: Campaign 2

Our second campaign has officially come to an end. It was another successful campaign with many new things tested and learned over the course of two weeks. This campaign in particular hits home to me because it was the driving motivation behind starting this branch of Boost Hockey.

Ralston Valley hockey has played a huge role in my life. Not only was that where I attended school but it also is the team I currently coach. I'll always be a Mustang and my involvement with the program helped me realize that more should be done to help those in need in the hockey community.


In my eyes it was another successful campaign. We received a lot of good feedback over the course of the two weeks and are continuing to learn about the process to make the best customer experience possible.

We also continued to grow our email list along with our social media channels. This is only going to help in the future for garnering a better relationship with our supporters.


While sales were not where I would have hoped (we sold 34 shirts and donated about $175 to RV) we were able to break even as a business. Obviously, the point of business is to not break even or lose money but I knew that there would be growing pains and learning experiences associated with launching this branch of Boost Hockey.

There are a number of reasons why I think this happened. 1) With our first campaign we were supporting Tony Salazar, a former Ralston Valley hockey player. So we were essentially targeting the same group of people two campaigns in a row. 2) The marketing was not as successful on this campaign (this is something I am in the process of addressing for the future). 3) This is a busy and expensive time of year for everyone. School is starting and hockey seasons are starting. I understand that there is a lot going on.

Another learning experience with this campaign was adding youth shirts. It was one of the most sought after items with our first campaign, yet fell pretty flat for this campaign. Youth shirts are interesting because contrary to what common sense tells you, they are actually more expensive to produce. Basically, this boils down to there not being as high of demand for these shirts and makes them nearly 30% more expensive than the same shirt in an adult size. I'll talk more about this in another blog post, but we'll really have to revisit whether we keep offering them going forward.


Like I said above, the donation aspect of this campaign was nowhere near the level I hoped. But, I am keeping the perspective of every little bit helps and it is more money being donated to the cause then if we wouldn't have launched. So to me that is a success. I have really learned over the years that everything is always about the process and journey and this business is no different. There will be ups and downs and that is all part of it.

I have learned a great deal from these first two campaigns; both of which have been successful. Through that, some upgrades are coming for future campaigns and things will continue to get better.

I'm excited about the upcoming direction of the next campaign and know that this will be the best way to raise a significant amount of money for a player or cause and really make a bigger impact.

And finally, thank you all for the support with this venture. Without you none of this is possible and I promise that I will never lose site of that. Keep a look out for our next campaign launching soon.

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