The Review: Campaign 3

October 03, 2017 Matt Schoepflin

With complete transparency being the foundation for the blog, this campaign review is no different. As with everything in this business, we are learning as we go along and grow as a company. 

The "Play Like A Girl" campaign was something that I was extremely excited about, and still am for that matter. The whole vision behind this campaign was to try and raise awareness about girls hockey as it continues to grow in popularity around the country. 

While the campaign was not as successful as we would have hoped, I believe it still helped raise the awareness of girls hockey and help support that cause (even if it was a smaller donation than anticipated). 

We ended up selling approximately $1050.00 worth of shirts.

From a company standpoint, we tried a few new things with marketing this campaign. I knew going in that email marketing might be tough for this campaign because a lot of our past customers/supporters/subscribers have not been directly tied to girls hockey. And that makes complete sense. 

Because of that, we experimented more with paid advertising to really try and target people directly involved in girls hockey. The paid advertising came with minimal success for this campaign. I feel that a lot of that relates back to the fact that we are such a new brand, and to someone completely new to Boost Hockey there is a level of uncertainty about the brand. (At least that is my initial takeaways from analyzing the numbers and feedback)

As with anything, there is always some calculated risk involved in the business. And we took a risk with running paid advertisements for this campaign. While I am just finishing up running all the numbers for the campaign, as a business, we were close to breaking even. 

As I have talked about in previous posts, there are a lot of different things (costs) that get tied into a business like this. Minimum shirt orders, printing, packaging, fulfillment and shipping, advertising, and operating expenses just a name a few. All of these things tend to add up quick.

Ultimately, I'm chalking this campaign up as another learning experience. Obviously, breaking even or losing a bit of money on a campaign is not a sustainable business model, but I also planned ahead to know that not every campaign is always going to be a smashing success. 

We will learn from this campaign, move on, and make the next one even better. 

I still love the message behind this brand and believe in shirts that support Hockey For A Cause.

Our next campaign will be launching soon to help coincide with the kickoff of the NHL season! Keep a look out for a new shirt launch in the next few days. 

And as always, thanks for the continued support and helping us spread the message of Boost Hockey.  

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  • Susan Atwood

    Oct 04, 2017

    Any chance you would re-open the Play Like a Girl campaign or make made to order shirts available? I have a friend who wants to order several.

  • Cali

    Oct 04, 2017

    First of all your company is amazing. I love that you re helping and giving back to this a hockey community. I purchased the legs feed the wolf shirt and I love it! The quality is great and I have lived by the quote since I was little. The design is so perfect I love wearing it. You are really putting out great products and helping good people. Now here is my tough love if you will, as a girl hockey player I was so excited about the last campaign! It is amazing to support our girls out there! I am the only girl in my league and I love that you were supporting other girls making it in this hockey world. Unfortunately for me the last campaign the shirt design was not what I was hoping for. It wasn’t as good as legs feed the wolf quality. Keep up the great work. I love what you are doing.

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