What I learned In 2017

What I learned In 2017

It’s crazy to think that this is the last blog post of 2017.

For he past 11 weeks, I have posted a new blog post every Monday and Wednesday. I think it’s only appropriate to summarize the year and all the things that have happened.

To start, Boost Hockey originally started as hockey camps seven years ago. Or I guess I should say ‘camp’. When I started running Boost Hockey I had only one skate twice a week for 7 weeks.

Since then, my camps have grown year after year with 2017 being the biggest year yet. This past year we hosted 6 different camps and had over 200 participants... by far our most yet.

I take a lot of pride in my camps and want players to feel like they’re really getting something out of them while also having some fun. I think that each year we’re getting better and better with our camps and the way they run and I’m excited to reveal some of the new things we’ll be adding for 2018. So stay tuned...

Then July rolled around and it was finally time to take on another passion project and launch the next branch of Boost Hockey.

As I’ve written about before, my goal with everything Boost Hockey related is to impact he hockey world in a meaningful way. The Boost Hockey t-shirt line was created and has been donating 15% of every sale since our launch.

Since July, we’ve been able to donate nearly $3,000 to several hockey related causes. While donating more money is always the goal, I’m extremely proud of what has been accomplished in the past 4+ months. The future is bright for this avenue of the business and I can’t wait to see it continue to grow.

Maybe the biggest surprise of 2017 for Boost Hockey has been the development and growth of this blog. It kind of started as a bit of an afterthought, but has been building momentum with each passing week. I've honestly tried to be as open and transparent as possible in these posts and I think it's the authenticity that has kept people around. The true turning point was when I called myself out in a blog post and made a commitment to be more consistent with the blog. And I'm honestly extremely proud to say that in the last 11 weeks I haven't missed a post and I don't plan on missing any time soon. I'm also proud of the content that I have been putting out. Sure I'm biased, but hockey has really given me a lot; from playing to coaching and all the life lessons in between, and I think that people are really getting value out of the content.

Being involved with hockey has helped mold me into the person I am today and also helped prepare me for life in general (I truly 100% believe that). And on the flip side, I really feel like I have so much to give to the hockey world and make an impact. I feel that I have only begun to scratch the surface for what Boost Hockey can be. 

From a personal standpoint, 2017 has been another year filled with so many amazing moments. Watching my daughter grow bigger and bigger and develop such a strong personality has been incredibly rewarding to see. The birth of our son just seven weeks ago is one of the biggest moments of my life that I'll never forget. The love and support from my wife who has the hardest job in the world (a stay at home mom) and crushes it everyday. The caring nature that she has 24/7/365 is motivation for me everyday to be better. To us building a house and moving again. (Yes, I know we might be serial movers and have a problem but that's all for another time to figure out...) And finally, to the support and strength of my family. My wife is the glue that keeps everything together but I've truly learned over the past year that being a good husband and dad is the greatest responsibility there is. 

Like I said before, 2017 was a hell of a year. But I think 2018 is going to be even better. I know that I have more to learn, more to give, and am more fired up and motivated than ever to get things going. 

Thanks again for the continued support and keep a look out on Monday for a review of some of the goals for 2018. 

Until Monday...

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