Why Do You Grind?

Why Do You Grind?

My wife. My kids. My family. Myself. The people who look up to me. 

Those are just a few of the reasons that I grind. 

When sitting here going through my white board of blog post ideas, one thing kept sticking out in my mind: the grind. 

For any players that have played for me, you hear me talk about it all the time...loving the grind. What I mean by that is learning to love what you do everyday. For hockey, that's having the ability to keep things in perspective and truly enjoy every time you get to hit the ice. 

Like with anything in life, there are going to be days when you don't feel as motivated or inspired to be at the rink. But if you can remember why you grind and learn to enjoy and love it you will ultimately get to the point where those 'hard' days are fewer and far between. 

I'll be honest, very rarely do I ever have a day where I don't enjoy coming to the rink and getting on the ice to coach or standing on that bench for a game. Sure it's always exciting and fun to be at the rink when your team is playing really well and you're winning a lot of hockey games, but even during the tough times I love being at the rink.

But for me personally, it's not just the fact that I love the game of hockey and being a part of it. It's also about making the people around me who matter most, proud.

That's why I grind.

I want to make my wife proud of the work I do and set a good example for my kids. That's actually one of the main reasons I started this blog (my wife actually gave me the idea). I wanted to have a record to go back and show my kids what I used to do when they were younger. To be honest, even if no one ever reads anything that I write, I will still be able to share all this stuff with my kids and that's important to me (and I'm sure get made fun of by them, but hey someday when they're adults maybe they'll appreciate it... ).

But these are the types of things that motivate me to keep grinding away to get better everyday. 

Another big motivator for me is the kids I coach. I enjoy teaching the game of hockey and helping players grow up and look at hockey and life in a different perspective. It's always been my goal to create a supportive environment where players know they are going to be pushed and held accountable. I want to test and push their limits and have them realize that they nearly always have more to give towards the things they want.

And finally, I grind for myself. I talk about accountability all the time to the kids I coach and it's something that I always want to make sure I am holding myself to the same standard. I want to be proud of the person looking back at me in the mirror every night. Regrets suck and I've tried to make the personal promise to myself to avoid having regrets whenever possible. That doesn't mean that I won't make mistakes, because I will, but I want to always make sure that I am learning from them and not making the same mistakes over and again. 

So if anything, I hope that if you're still reading this that you've at least taken a few seconds to think about what it is that motivates you, or pushes you to be your best? On those days when you don't feel inspired and motivated, what keeps you working hard and getting better?

And I also challenge you in that if you've never thought about any of the things talked about above that you take a few minutes and really think about them. When you have a clear picture of why you are working at the things you do, it makes you appreciate the opportunities you have.

Don't waste a day, find the things that make you happy and passionate, and pursue them all as hard as you can. 

On as side note...I've really loved the email responses the past couple weeks. It's awesome to see people reading this stuff and providing some feedback. I invite you to keep it coming and share these posts with anyone else who might find them useful or interesting. If you're enjoying reading this stuff please let me know. Or if you have questions or topics that you think would be interesting please fire them my way. 

Until Monday...keep grinding. 

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  • Robert Veldman

    Matt, well written, clear and concise. Not just a run on thought so I am impressed. The grind is so important to teach, it is the difference between reaching our full potential with fulfillment or just getting by.

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