futures Summer Invite Camp | 6/3/19 - 8/2/19

on ice camp includes:

  • 16 total on ice sessions.

  • On Ice every Monday and Wednesday from 4:00-5:00 PM @ Apex.

  • Monday’s will focus heavily on skill development and team play with the last 15-20 minutes being focused on small area games or a scrimmage.

  • Wednesday’s will focus the 15-20 minutes on skills and flow with the last 40 minutes devoted to a scrimmage.

  • On Ice sessions conducted by Matt Schoepflin and Jamison Spellman.


The focus of the entire summer will be creating a fast paced competitive environment where players are pushed and challenged to improve their overall game. Our on ice sessions will focus on developing, and improving, individual skills while also incorporating team play. The goal of the summer is to make sure that players are improving in areas that will directly correlate to their upcoming season. We want to develop their hockey skills, teamwork, and confidence. We want to make sure we’re having fun while pushing ourselves to get better. This is an invite only skate. If you, or someone you know, is interested please contact me before extending the invitation. 

off ice camp includes:

  • If you’re only interested in the on ice portion of the camp, there is that registration option below.

  • For those interested, off ice workouts will be offered every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:30-10:00 AM @ The Arvada Hockey Off Ice Facility (14700 West 66th Place, Arvada, CO 80004).

    • All Off Ice Sessions will be programmed and conducted by RV Hockey’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Sam Weinberg.

    • Baseline testing and player tracking will take place throughout the summer.

    • Workouts will include a variety of weight and strength training to go along with agility and cardio training.

    • Post Workout Recovery / Protein Shakes will be provided after each workout.

  • 32 total off ice sessions.


Off ice training has also been incorporated into this camp. (There is an option below to only sign up for the on ice portion of camp.) Our strength and conditioning coach, Sam Weinberg, will be conducting all our hockey specific off ice workouts. He has developed a hockey specific off season program for our campers and will be able to adjust any necessary workouts to fit each campers individual needs. Coach Weinberg will also conduct baseline testing at the beginning of the summer and have a system in place for players to track their progress throughout the summer. He will also talk extensively about the importance of nutrition and each player will receive a shaker bottle and post workout recovery / protein shakes after each workout.

Attendance at each workout is not required, but highly recommended.

Futures Invite Summer Camp - On Ice + Workouts
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Futures Invite Summer Camp - On Ice Only
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